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Oxford Scientific Products are now available in the Americas and Australia. Our products are innovative, high quality dental products with FDA, CE and new MDSAP approvals. From our proven product line of Zircore, GI, RMGI and Bioactive to our single shade restorative and advanced bonding agents, you will be using the most advanced products at very reasonable cost. Bottom line, that means dental procedures are easier and more profitable.


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A primary goal for Oxford Scientific is to advance dentistry from a product use or performance stand-point. We focus on true value add advantages not industry buzz words. Please follow our news section for updates to product lines, company advances in dental product development, product videos and more.


Our Products

Oxford Scientific products are first-class dental materials manufactured in Germany. They have been developed to meet the most stringent needs and requirements of the dental profession. Our commitment is to develop high quality and pioneering dental products. We hope that our passion for science and innovation can be of benefit to you.

Cement Products

Oxford Temp EN-CB, Oxford Glaze INTRA, Oxford Temp CEM Universal, and Oxford Cem IMPLANT

Glass Ionomer Products

Oxford GI Resin FILL UF and Oxford GI Resin CEM UF

Adhesive Products

Oxford Iono SE, Oxford Iono VLC, Oxford Cal VLC, Oxford Bond SE Mono, and Oxford Universal BOND

Oxford Scientific is Business Minded.

We realize you’re running a business and need to improve efficiency & profit without sacrificing the quality of care.

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