21 Sep

Light Cure Ultra Fine Resin Modified Glass Ionomer Cement for Filling

Oxford GI Resin Fill UF is a light cure resin reinforced glass ionomer filling material. It offers higher strength in early set phase and longer term wear resistance than traditional glass ionomers. There is a longer work time combined with a rapid light cured command set. The fluoride content yields excellent biocompatibility. Oxford GI Resin Fill UF has excellent chemical bonding to both dentin and enamel. It has excellent radiopacity insuring easy post op diagnosis. The hard surface and good gloss offer optimised long term wear characteristics. Oxford GI Resin Fill UF does not exhibit the solubility of traditional glass ionomer products and the advanced resin component easily bonds to resins and composites. The light curing gives a command set with a longer working time yet is still able to release fluoride for caries protection. The unit dose capsule system eliminates measuring
and hand-mixing allowing the assistant to start the mix while the dentist is free to finish the prep procedure.

Oxford GI Resin Fill UF can be used for linings for composite fillings, primary tooth fillings, core build ups, dental neck fillings, unipanar and multiplane temporary fillings, small Class I and II fillings.

For more information about Oxford GI Resin Fill UF check out the product sell sheet HERE, and the directions and MSDS pages under “Products” on our website.